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We Accept All Workers’ Compensation & Insured Auto Accident Patients

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KureSmart Pain Management specializes in Workers’ Compensation and Insured Auto Accident cases. With many convenient locations throughout Maryland, Michigan and Delaware, we are proud to be the first pain management group that caters to patients dealing with workers’ compensation and insured auto accidents. KureSmart also has a location in Novi, Michigan offering comprehensive care for injuries sustained on the job or in an auto accident.

We Help People In Pain
While many doctors  avoid Workers’ Compensation and Auto Accident patients, we welcome them. Helping people in pain is what we are all about. We have one of the most highly qualified teams of doctors and physical therapists. Choosing the right doctor is very important to your case. Not only do we oversee your medical care, but we will also make sure you receive the benefits you need to heal. Our opinion will determine how much you receive in benefits and we promise to help you maximize that.

Our staff is friendly and trained to answer your questions about medical care for workers’ compensation and insured auto accidents. We will provide assistance with billing and help you in every way we can.

We are highly experienced and possess a firm understanding of the injuries most commonly sustained in auto accidents and while on the job. You can trust our doctors and physical therapists to help you feel better again with these types of injuries. The claims process for auto accidents and workers’ compensation claims can be very confusing. Our staff is well versed with this process and will help you navigate through it every step of the way.

Workers’ Compensation Doctors

KureSmart Pain Management accepts all workers’ compensation appointments, even if your claim is being contested. We know that when you’ve been injured on the job, your biggest priorities are getting back to “normal” and sparing yourself from expensive medical bills.

Trying to find a doctor who accepts workers’ compensation can be a challenge. We are one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest group practices for pain management with 8 convenient locations throughout Maryland and locations in Michigan and Delaware.

KureSmart Pain Management caters to workers’ compensation patients.
Our doctors are experienced with all types of pain, especially pain caused by work-related injuries and accidents. After a comprehensive evaluation, our doctors will create a personalized treatment program to stop your pain and get you back to normal.

To help with the paperwork and billing, we have a special team of customer service representatives for workers’ compensation and insured auto accidents.

Insured Auto Accident Doctors

KureSmart Pain Management also accepts patients who have been involved in an auto accident. Accidents must be insured claims, meaning one of the parties involved has insurance benefits.

We have a full team of doctors and physical therapists who are experienced with all types of pain including that caused by auto accidents. Whether you are experiencing neck pain, back pain or just general pain, we can create a personalized treatment plan to get you back to normal.

Contact  Workers’ Compensation & Insured Auto Accident Doctors

Don’t suffer in pain because you can’t find a doctor who will accept your workers’ compensation or auto accident insurance. Call KureSmart Pain Management to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

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