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Discography Maryland

Discography helps KureSmart Pain Management identify which discs, if any, are causing back or neck pain. During this diagnostic procedure, x-ray dye (x-ray contrast) is injected into the discs of the spine. Then an x-ray, called a discogram, is taken of the discs. The results of discogram will show our doctors if there are tears in the lining of the spine and help them plan surgery or treatment.

Tears and cracks form on the wall of the spinal discs typically as a result of injury or age. This condition is called Internal Disc Disruption or Degenerative Disc Disease. Another type of condition is a Herniated Disc in which the wall of the disc is weakened and bulges out.

Back pain caused by a condition affecting the discs is often characterized by a deep, aching pain in the back, buttocks or thighs. Pain in these areas does not indicate a problem relating to the discs, however, as it could also be caused by pain stemming from the facet joints, sacroiliac joints or a combination of sources being felt at the same time.

A discography may be the best way for KureSmart Pain Management to diagnose back pain and determine if the cause is a damaged disc.

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