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BriA Williams

BriA Williams

I am so blessed to have found this practice for my mom. She suffers from chronic pain and has difficulty finding a good pain management doctor since relocating. However, the care she’s received here has been impeccable. The scheduling staff, the front office and doctors are truly compassionate. Dr. Simmons is the most compassionate doctor ever!!! Words cannot describe my gratitude

erica johnson

erica johnson

I totally sincerely love my Dr! His name is Dr. Simmons, and he is a kind and humble Dr. He explains everything to his patients. Give different opinions and loves what he does. I am grateful to have him as my Dr and appreciate his work, efforts, and kindness. This office is big, comfortable, clean, and all staff is super nice and friendly. It's like a breath of fresh air going to a Dr whom truley cares. Go Dr. Simmons if you're not told enough or get the credit you deserve; I will do what it take to make sure you do. Thank you so very much! You told me that I still have fight left in me, and it is something I remind myself every day. Just your words of motivation and wisdom helps me more than anything. I'm blessed to have you as my Dr. I have always seen him be the best man he could be at all times. #A+5Stars Warm Regards, Erica Johnson Amen! Yesssssssssss

karol rodriguez

karol rodriguez

My experience with Doctor Abdeshahian's care was beyond my belief. My wait time in both the waiting room and the exam room was short. Not to mention how great the service was. The staff provided excellent professional and courteous care. I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the staff at the Doctor Abdeshahian's office. From the front desk, to the nurses, and the doctor. Each and every one of them was courteous, professional, and made my visit as comfortable as they possibly could. Please forward my thanks on to each and every one of the staff there. Thanks


"I have been coming to Dr Davies’ practice since 2004, my needs have always been managed with courteous and professional attitudes."


"Dr Freas and Earle Grey are first class professionals in every aspect. They are kind and caring with an immense bedside manner."


"Dr. Williams is always professional and dedicated to finding the source of my problem…"


"I have been working with Earle for almost 2 years, and I thought that I should share with others, what a good Dr. you have in Earle. Some of what makes him over and above the typical Dr. in any Pain Clinic in this area: Taking on a problems and not be satisfied until the problem is identified. Tremendous compassion for the patient. Fantastic personality, yet compassionate when the time comes. To me, I think he is most likely sought out for care for YOUR STAFF and Doctors. Earle is a Doctor's Doctor. Explains the problem to the patient by drawing illustrations , if necessary. I have TOTAL CONFIDENCE In Dr. Earle. Period. "


"Thank you Kure so, so much. You have truly given me the gift of the best summer ever in 63 years. I had 4 spinal shots and was able to bicycle over 600 miles of my 2 week/summer cross-country bike trip without any pain! It was my most amazing experience ever and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, thank you!"


"Your staff in Kent Island is great! Thank you once again for great treatment in a calming and professional atmosphere"


"I came today to tell you that there is not much more you guys can do for my pain as of now. It is at its lowest in the last 25 years and I can live with it. I have not taken any Oxy for the last month and I am in little pain. Thank you for what you have done. If things get worse, I will contact you. "


"I want to compliment Kent Island Office staff. They seem to honor their appointment schedule well and they have such a friendly staff. I particularly feel cared for in that office by wonderful Jenna, who has always known how to treat customer / patient properly. Also got very excellent help from Mary and Theresa during the shots. Such kind ladies! When calling in pain, I feel they really care and try to get you in asap. Also met a new Dr. Bender, who is very kind and such a nice and truly caring personality! I can highly recommend Kent Island Office."

Diana S.

"I want to express my deep gratitude for all that you and everyone at KURE PT did to help me these past few months. I know that things are not perfect, but I have come so far on my journey thanks to you wonderful people. I really miss you all. You, John and the whole staff were incredibly patient, kind and caring. You taught me so much. Even when I felt discouraged, you all were upbeat and supportive that I ended up feeling better. It was like having my own cheering section! Thanks so much for everything."

Rita O.

"As I watch the end of a wonderful woman's life, and the struggle with such a broken body, unbearable pain, and the decades she did not have consistency or quality in diagnosis or treatment; where there was no doctor like you, a healer, a compassionate and truly focused specialist --well, Doctor Shannon, I am moved beyond words for how much you have given me. Hope, relief, quality care and even now, amazing patience with the external challenges I face. I can never express my appreciation for the gifts you've made to the quality of my life and my husband's. God bless you this thanksgiving and always. "


"If you could clone these guys, you could control the whole market in one year"


“Josh Bigelow did a great job. In healing my shoulder he also resolved my daily headaches. I used to take pain medication daily, multiple times. He observed and tested my posture and gave me exercises that totally relieved my issues. Honestly the headaches were a bigger problem that my shoulder. I’ve seen numerous neurologists but Josh found the cause and gave me a solution. Forever thankful!”

Tracey K

"The commitment, dedication, understanding and compassion you give to your patients are outstanding and without a doubt the most all-encompassing pain management I have known. Thank you to all who work there! You are a blessing from God!!!"

Lisa P.

Dear Mr. Joshua Bigelow, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire team for the fabulous care you have provided since my injury.  I began treatment at KURE Pain Management Physical Therapy in Fall, 2011, after undergoing major knee surgery that left me immobilized for months.  Since that time I have regained a great deal of movement and strength, thanks to you, Chris and the therapy assistants at KURE PT. The care I have received at KURE PT has been exceptional.  I am very appreciative of your vast experience and professionalism along with the personal concern for my well-being and development throughout my recovery.  Josh, as I excel pass my 100th therapy session, you are still very conscientious of my needs and your support and encouragement has never wavered. KURE Pain Management is fortunate to have you as a member of its staff.   I am very grateful to have experienced such exemplary service and care.

Mary G.

I have been a patient with Kure Pain Management for the past 7 years. Dr. Paul Davies treats me with respect, listens to me and understands the severe pain that I endure on a daily basis. He controls my pain so that I am able to function on a daily basis and to continue my job as a school teacher. Without the care I receive from Kure Pain Management, I would not be able to continue with my job and possibly be on disability.

John W

Today I had my procedure with Dr. Cope, I was very pleased. I had had this procedure done three years ago at a different practice. The doctor was fine but the staff not so much. That practice was so intent on providing brace for my back and a Tens unit. I also was set for a second procedure in 2 weeks after the first. They were quick to write scripts for pain meds and patches. I did not need the second procedure and was allergic to the meds. The Tens unit was not covered by my insurance nor did they provide instructions for it. Thank goodness your office is more a tune to the patient.

Citysearch Review

I was seen by Dr. Saraf and Earle Grey at Kure Pain Management for back pain. They possesses a friendly demeanor which goes far for patient confidence and comfort. They are very knowledgeable and skilled with regards to causes and treatment of pain. My situation was explained in detail and I appreciatged their directness. With my follow up appointment we discussed exercise strategies for continued improvement and maintaining back and joint health. I appreciate the time and explanations provided by Mr. Grey and Dr. Saraf. I would recommend Kure Pain Management for anyone.

Cara V

"To be honest with you, I had no idea what to expect when I began my physical therapy. After my first visit/treatment with Chris, I immediately knew that I was getting the best type of treatment that was going to help me. The entire staff was professional, helpful, thoughtful and friendly. Very well organized group of people…and extremely knowledgeable! I am a firm believer in this type of treatment as part of the larger picture in getting over a painful physical injury. Without physical therapy as part of my healing process, I most likely would have been right back in the doctor’s office with the same type of problem. I’m feeling 100% better – thanks Kure Pain Management


I just wanted to let you and anyone that would be interested in my story. I am a Pro Sailor and travel the world racing hi tech sailboats. I ended up herniating two lower disks in my back at a very bad time, just before leaving on a trip. Thanks for your ultra quick response, I was able to do the first trip across the country with 1 day notice and a shot in my L5. This took 80% of the pain away. On my return on a follow up visit with Dr Abraham, with a simple test and another shot, in two days, all pain was gone. I then drove across the country to San Francisco to fly to Barcelona to sail Hi Tech TP 52's in a very competitive fleet. After a week there, returned to SFO to start my work with Emirates Team NZL America's Cup team. I have been bouncing around windy SF Bay in 40 knot ribs following the boat around and had my first ride on the new 72 foot cat that foils across the bay at over 40 knots. No problem as there is no pain. Besides the work, the golf and bike riding out here has been great.


"Dr. Shannon was excellent as always. He has greatly improved the quality of my life by reducing my pain. I have gone from being bedridden many days of the week to having an almost normal life. My husband, my entire family and I are immensely grateful to him. I have already referred others to KURE Pain Management."

Dorina G.

“Dr. Cope is a miracle worker”

Deborah S.

"My Doctor really cares about me and I love that about him. I like that my appts are on time (maybe a 5 min wait)."

J. White

"Heather (Day, PA )…thank you for making me feel better. I have referred several people to you."

Kevin K

"I am very happy with Dr. Abraham and the professionalism with your company. I was in an incredible amount of pain and your staff got me in quickly and I feel a lot of relief. Thank God!!"

J.Y. Finn

Dear Joshua, How can I thank you enough? If I look back from the beginning until now, there are huge differences. I was pretty miserable and I had no idea how to get better with my pain. But, week by week, with your help, I was able to learn so many wonderful exercises and stretching that I felt better relief every time I came. So I am educated now and I know how to take care of myself. Thank you so much for helping me to feel better and teaching all the exercises and stretches and helping me to have a longer treatment too. I am so grateful for all you’ve done for me and helping me enjoy the PAINLESS life.

J.Y. Finn

Dear Kimba, I am so grateful how you helped me since the beginning. You always knew my sore area and you always gave me the best relief. With you and the staff’s help, my pain got so much better. Most importantly, I know how to take care of my pain now. You always did show your caring heart to everyone and you always had a beautiful smiling face and you always listened carefully too. I really enjoyed talking with you too. You treated me like your friend. I was so grateful for all you’ve done for me and what you’ve shown me. I believe your kind heart and gentleness and thoughtfulness will touch many many patients’ hearts. Thank you very much again for your amazing help.

Hector H

"I would like to thank Dr Patel for his thorough view of my patient history, and not just dismissing me as a routine person with mild pain seeking pain medication. His questions were thorough and he sought the cause of my pain and how best to help. He did not tell me to get used to the pain and move on. My routine shoulder pain and I thank you."

Pamela R.

"Nicest and most professional facility I have visited n a very long time"

Norma T.

"Excellent service every time I am here. I would not go anywhere else."

Pam R.

"Very Nice and courteous."

A Montieth


Erma R.

"It is always a pleasure to see the KURE employees."

Dr George and Laura

"Dr Shannon is the Top of the Top in Pain Management and returning some level of normalcy and enjoyment to the lives of his patients suffering from severe pain."

J Reed

"Dr Shannon’s attitude is the best of all the physicians I have seen."

J Hopkins

"Earle Grey: Thank you for making me feel like I matter!"

Quote from a patient survey

"Always a pleasure coming in and seeing staff…all are great and friendly"

Quote from a patient survey

"Everyone was very nice and respectful. Dr Abraham took time to listen"

Quote from a patient survey

"Everything was PERFECT. Thank you for all you do and the friendliness."


"Amit Patel and staff are always happy and very responsive to questions and provide excellent service"

Quote from a patient survey

Love all staff members: helpful, friendly and ALWAYS pleasant.


"Mary is one of the best PTs I have encountered. State of the Art facility. I have already referred two clients from my law firm."


"Although I may not feel well on my appointment days, my visits with the staff and physicians are always pleasant. That is a PLUS!"


"Ms Francis Quick is always helpful, professional and is a great example of excellence. Keep up the good work!"


"Dr Shannon is very competent and caring. Great staff for over 2 years (being a patient)."


"Kristen is the “one woman show” at the front desk. She is the Best”."


"I have been seeing Dr Freas and is KI team for a while. They are extremely professional and always address my needs."

Mariann H.

"I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Shannon's for several years. Dr. Shannon is knowledgeable in his specialty but more importantly an very kind person that listens to the needs of his patients & always does the best he can do to alleviate my pain. Because of him, I am able to continue to work full time & live my life with minimal pain. He is the best!"


“Particularly wonderful – every time I’ve been there, there has been this young lady who “runs” the pre-injection room. She takes pulse, blood pressure, IV’s, etc. She is so kind, efficient, informative. I really do appreciate her service.”


“Dr. Shannon is a gift from God.”


“I was so impressed with not feeling like I was part of an assembly line – in and out. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I really felt like a patient instead of a number.”


“Most professional staff and skilled P.A.”

"The staff is always friendly and willing to help. Dr. Foo spends time with me, takes time to address my concerns and always explains the plan of care, and makes sure I understand it."

"In the three years I've been seeing Dr. Saraf, I have received noting but exemplary care from him and the staff."

"Dr. Hameed is so knowledgeable and articulate. I finally found a doctor I trust!"

"I feel like Dr. Abdeshahian and all the staff really care, and want to see me live a life with as little pain as possible."

“Very good staff and doctors. Enjoyable experience.”

“Steve Sullivan is very thorough and compassionate. He took the time to give me an injection in my hip even though this procedure was not originally scheduled.”

“I have received more help with control of pain in the short time here than in the 18 years with my former physiatrist. I am very pleased. I am happy I am here”

“I always have a great experience in the Glen Burnie office. This was my first time seeing Dr. Foo but he was great. The front desk knows who I am and takes time to talk to me.”

“I was here a while ago, about 4 years. I had a procedure and have not had to come back until now. I got in quickly to see a doctor and now I am getting a procedure on Friday. Very caring office.”

“Dr. Saraf was amazing. So helpful and informative. I feel very comfortable in his care!”

“Sara is knowledgeable & cares about how I'm feeling. I love her!!!”

“Amit is a super star and the support staff is so friendly!”

“Staff helped me so much last week when I needed it most.”

“Awesome, I walk into Kure in pain and walk out a totally new person!”

“Dr. Shannon is a wonderful and caring doctor who takes his time and explains everything to me in a way I can understand. He is my favorite doctor.”

“Kure Pain Management has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every provider is so kind and patient. Very different from other pain management clinics. I am completely satisfied.”

Excellent customer service. Love Dr. Abdeshahian!  Basically pain free!”

“I had a great experience and look forward to my future visits. Very professional staff.”

"Chris is the Ultimate Professional and always receptive to my needs. He is very patient esp. when I tell him what I have not done! John is also an outstanding therapist I like the front desk staff they are friendly, helpful and always professional. In the last 12 years I have been to 5 pain management groups + KPM is absolutely #1 in all aspects."

"It is a teaching environment; not only for the Patient, but for any PT student within this Particular Industry The patient does come first here Thanks"

"Over the years I’ve been to many PT offices. They always had me in tears trying to do exercises. Then they’d say we can’t help everyone. Chris and the staff changed my life and have taught me so much. He is so clear that I am the one telling my friends about back pain and why they need Chris and staff. I will miss them."

"Completely different than previous physical therapy experiences. Josh restored my faith in the benefits and reliability of PT."

"When I started I thought I would never reach the goals my therapist showed me but I did. It was all due to Mary. Mary is an excellent therapist and professional in her dealing, knowledgeable –just ideal."

"All of you exemplify the word “TEAM”. I cannot thank you for the wonderful experience that was made out of my physical therapy “knee bootcamp”! Of all the many PT facilities I’ve been to I truly can say “you’re the best”!"

“I have had treatment at other PT offices but have never experienced such a mature competent staff and therapist. Chris Hoffmann explained my injury and made sure and understood how to do the exercises at home. His one on one approach was very beneficial to my healing and I won’t hesitate to recommend him to others who are having PT problems and need the extra attention that others do not provide.”

“Dear Chris, I cannot begin to thank you for your care and knowledge during the time you treated me.  My back has been a very challenging issue for an active person.  You not only provided excellent treatment to me but guided me through the medical process of choices.  Your patient manner made me feel ok to run many options by you—I some way you were my “rock” and “go to” person who I trusted and respected.   KURE is very lucky to have you as a leader for this team.  Thank you so much!”

"Even with all my exercise and outside programs I learned a great deal about correct exercise postures from Josh in order not to re-injure myself. And the massage work loosened and worked perfectly along with Josh’s exercise program for me. I have told many people in all my clubs and my water aerobics classes about the great treatment program here at KURE. Superb!"

"Don’t know where to start but from the first time I came to Kure to my last day I was treated as if I was the only person. The staff goes over and beyond, and focuses on the individual. I have had physical therapy before for the same thing, then switched to Kure Pain Management Therapy and they focused directly on the pain area. It just amazes me how Kure Pain Management helped to get straight to the pain and get me better. I just want to thank you all, it’s definitely been a long 11 months after my car accident and I finally fell much better. Keep up the great work. Thanks Mary and Kure Pain Management."

"My Doctor was very professional yet warm and I felt that he knew what he was doing.  He carried out my procedure with ease.  I greatly appreciated how he introduced himself to me before the procedure and explained everything that he was doing before he did it."

"I have been going to Kure Pain Management for the past few months for a spine and shoulder injury I obtained at an old job.  They have been very kind and accommodating to me.  My doctor is kind while explaining what he is doing and how the procedure went as well as what we will do next.  He is attentive to my needs and prescribes proper medication to ensure that I can get through my workday.  I highly recommend going to Kure Pain Management if you need help managing your pain.  I also have tattoos and piercings and they didn’t judge me for that which goes a long way."    

"My Husband experienced exceptional care at Kure Pain Management when he was left with little hope after being misdiagnosed elsewhere.  The staff is welcoming and compassionate.  They saw my husband within 3 hours of my initial call and ordered his MRI prior to our arrival so we could get accurately diagnosed the same day.  They prescribed both a back shot and physical therapy so my husband could rehabilitate himself without drugs.  This is extremely important considering my husband is an attorney and cannot be on drugs all day long and do his job.  My husband has been pain free for almost 4 years."  

  "My Doctor is a very friendly and an easy going person to discuss my paths and problems with.  He listens fully and takes the time to go over a plan that works the best for me.  His staff is very friendly and I plan on coming back and letting everyone know about my experience."  

"I was in a car accident 6 years ago which resulted in L4 L5 herniated disk.  I saw multiple doctors that wanted to mask the pain. I was recommended to Dr. Saraf two years ago.  Unlike other doctors he wanted to treat the pain.  He performed a series of procedures and the pain levels went from 8 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10.  While significantly reducing my pain medication.  Dr. Saraf recommended aquatic physical therapy which increased my mobility.  The result of this was I was able to lose 170 pounds.  I am very happy with the services the doctor provided.  The office staff extremely helpful.  I thank the entire staff for providing me a better pain free quality of life."

“I went to Kure Pain Management April 22 2015 on the recommendation from my primary healthcare physician to find some way to bring my pain under control.  Upon arriving to Kure Pain Management I was introduced to Dr. A and Sara the PA. After explaining to them the history of my injuries.  They decided on a process on what would be best to control my pain level which at the time was on a scale from 1 -10 was a level of 9.  After trying different methods and medications they both came up with a solution that would lower my pain level.  I was surprised at how they seemed to go out of their way to make me feel a lot better.  Their professionalism reduced my pain from a 9 level down to 5.  Which has turned out to be very comfortable for me. They are truly my heroes.”

Dr Foo is absolutely fabulous!  I fell off my porch with heavy weighted bat bags, one on each shoulder.  When I fell my left leg slipped off the porch into the garden, my right knee collapsed under me, putting me into a split position and the weighted bags arched my back, hyper extending it backwards and injuring my sciatica nerve that debilitated my left leg entirely.  I was in excruciating pain.  It took me 3 weeks dealing with my insurance provider who was not cooperative.  Once I found Dr. Foo at KURE my prayers were answered!  He was absolutely awesome!

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