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Shawn Cobb FNP-C

Shawn Cobb FNP-C is an AANP Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. He completed his Masters of Nursing in 2012 at Indiana State University and his Bachelor’s in Nursing in 2007 at University of Phoenix, and his Associates of Nursing in 1994 at Saint Elizabeth’s School of Nursing, Utica NY. Shawn has over 25 years of nursing experience to include NICU, PICU, Peds ED, Military nursing, and now Military Medical Provider.

He was a Primary Care Provider working for MedStar for 3+ years in Middle River and Aberdeen, MD. Shawn’s nursing experience also includes Nurse Manager for a small U.S. Army Hospital in Southern Iraq where he worked in the trauma bays, flew patient escort, and acted as a patient safety officer in 2008. He just returned from a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan in 2018 working for U.S. Special Operations as the Special Operations Advisory Group’s senior medical officer.

Shawn was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his work there. He managed 3 U.S. Military Medical Clinics and worked daily with senior Afghan Special Operations medical officers helping them to improve their infrastructure as well as provide medical care for U.S. Military, U.S. Contractors, and the NATO partners in his area. He is a decorated veteran with over 32 years of military service between Active Duty, Army Reserve, IRR, and the Army National Guard. Shawn is currently a Major and Nurse Practitioner for the Maryland Army National Guard and has been selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

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