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Felix Gurman, MD

Dr. Gurman KureSmart Felix Gurman is a trained pain management specialist with a background in anesthesiology. He grew up in the DC/Baltimore area, where he attended the University of Maryland at College Park, obtaining a degree in Physiology and Neurobiology. Subsequently, he attended medical school at the University of Maryland. During that time, Dr. Gurman worked for several biotechnology companies, conducting scientific research.  He spent time training in internal medicine at Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey. He then trained in the field of anesthesiology at the Allegheny/West Penn Health System in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Gurman returned to the DC/Baltimore area to specialize in pain management, completing the prestigious ACGME accredited fellowship at the University of Maryland.  He believes the key to managing pain involves an individually structured multimodal approach, which consists of medication management, procedural interventions, physical conditioning and alternative medicine. He closely follows new and developing techniques in the field of pain management and has presented on this topic at an international conference of pain physicians.

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