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Sports Medicine Maryland

KureSmart Pain Management physical therapists offer treatment for the athletic patient for injury recovery, improved mobility, and pre/post operative therapy.

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine focuses on helping patients improve performance as well as injury recovery and prevention. Our physical therapists work with patients to assess weaknesses, improve strength and mobility as well as restore function after a surgical procedure or injury.

Physical therapy can play a vital role in helping a patient identify and address muscle weakness or imbalance that may have played a role in sustaining an injury. Our physical therapists will work with you to assess your needs, recommend appropriate therapy and educate you on how best to maintain your progress for the prevention of future injury.

Sports physical therapy can treat a range of issues including balance, muscle weakness, and joint problems, all of which can contribute to injury and poor performance. For the athletic patient, treatment can only reduce pain and other symptoms but improve overall performance.

What We Treat

At KureSmart Pain Physical Therapy, we treat all areas of the body and provide care that is tailored to your unique physicality and goals. We treat many orthopedic conditions, including:

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If you have been injured, suffering with limited mobility or chronic pain contact KureSmart Pain Management and schedule a consultation. We accept most health insurance as well as workers compensation and auto accidents.

*Please note: We do not require a referral to see you, but if your health insurance does it is your responsibility to provide one from your general physician or referring doctor in order to receive health care benefits.