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Pre/Post Op Therapy Maryland

KureSmart Pain Management offer physical therapy to patients to help them prepare for and recover from surgery with the best possible result. Surgery can take a physical and emotional toll on a person. Our certified physical therapists offer pre-and post-operative therapy to help speed up healing time and help manage pain better. Some of the most common surgical procedures that can significantly benefit from both pre- and post-operative therapy are: joint replacements, ACL, meniscus, rotator cuff, ankle, and spine surgeries.

The physical therapists at KureSmart Pain Management will work with patients using pre-operative treatment and assessment in order to maximize patient outcomes post-operatively. Studies show this to be especially true for joint replacements. More and more, pre-op therapy is prescribed to patients because of the positive impact is has on patients and it greatly lessens the change for re-injury. Surgical outcomes are greatly improved which lowers the risk of infection and will shorten hospital stays.

The Role of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are people that help patients restore range of motion and various muscles in the body. They are medical experts that know the impact surgery can have on the body. By using certain exercises, stretches or equipment, they can help people prepare for surgical procedures and optimize their recovery after surgery. They know how to push patients but also understand the limits of the body. Pre- and post-operative therapy offers many benefits to the patient and can be a very important part of recovery.

Pre-operative physical therapy offers many benefits and has been proven to help patients prepare for surgery. Being physically, as well as mentally, prepared will also make recovery much easier. The patient will suffer from less pain and inflammation. Also, the range of motion and the muscle controlling the injured joint will be restored as much as possible making physical therapy after surgery a lot easier and less painful.

Post-operative physical therapy is vital to recovering from a lot of surgical procedures. Most people will have difficulty returning to daily activities without it. A physical therapist will work with the patient to ensure the range of motion and strength has returned using various methods. This will optimize the rehabilitation process and prevent re-injury. It will also increase the patient’s endurance and reduce inflammation.


Written by Bill Van Houten, Kure Physical Therapy patient:
“When people are involved in the care business, one usually gets one bad egg.  I have yet to find one!  I can tell you that before going to Kure, I went to two other Physical Therapy groups.  The approach here is to find pain from the farthest point from your core and eliminate it.  They may have you stretch in the opposite direction from others who practice the fine art of PT.  The personal care you get here cannot be beat!  Chris Hoffmann manages and practices in the Annapolis office and Joshua Bigelow opened and manages the Stevensville office on the Eastern Shore. They have both spent years with me and I can assure you that there’s no better practitioners in the area.”

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