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Functional Capacity Evaluation Maryland

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an objective test of a patient’s function and ability to perform work-related activity. Patients may be referred for an FCE to assess your current level of physical capabilities to determine ability for employment or return to same or modified job, determine their goals for rehabilitation or readiness for discharge as well as their ability to meet work-related demands and determine when and if they can return to work (also often needed to determine need/qualify for disability benefits). An FCE consists of a medical record review, musculoskeletal screening and physical ability testing which may include activities like lifting, carrying or pulling; tolerance to activities such as standing, sitting or stooping and mobility activities.


chrisChris Hoffmann is certified with Maryland State Workers’ Compensation Commission and uses an FCE that is researched and published for validity. Each FCE is complete with a summarized report that outlines the overall level of work, a summary of physical abilities and recommendations if needed. In most cases, the FCE report will be completed the same day.