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Physical Therapy Testimonials Maryland

“What was to be pre-hab for a knee replacement worked so well that I cancelled the surgery. Thank You!”

“Most of my physical therapy was with Josh who I feel is a great motivator, that is motivating me to be faithful with his exercise plan for me.  Weeks later I am still doing them regularly and walking daily as he urged me to do.  He also gave me constructive suggestions for helping me with other aspects of my life that were giving me trouble physically.  Also, Therese was very helpful.”

“Josh did a wonderful job getting me back to where I needed to be without the daily pain that I had been dealing with.  He not only showed me the exercises that I needed to do, but explained thoroughly why they would help me.”

“Joshua Bigelow is superb—the ultimate professional! As long as I do the exercises he taught me I am essentially painfree.  Whenever I overwork my back I get stiff with some pain (but the exercises alleviate the pain).  My goals were essentially met.  I would like to work on additional pre-emptive conditioning in the not too distant future.”

“Over the years I have been to a few physical therapy places but none have been as friendly and caring, professional and comprehensive as APM. The staff, Chris , Josh, Jonathan, and Therese are all amazing.  I recommend them to everyone!”

“I have had PT numerous times in the past 30 years, but this is the first time I would recommend the office to others. All three of the gentlemen who work here are extremely caring, respectful, patient, and encouraging to their patients.”

“APM’s PT staff & facility needs to be commended by addressing the root cause for my pain and providing positive feedback and exercise I am moving onto the road to full recovery.”

“Chris and the staff set the standard for PT.  Every session has a teaching element.  APM PT is by far the best PT group I have had the pleasure to receive treatment from. On a scale of 1-10, this group is a ‘10’.”

“Chris Hoffmann taught me how to recover my strength—more so than medicine and quick fix to mask pain he showed me how to repair my posture-my muscle control-to take back my life.  I looked forward to seeing Jonathan—who put me through my paces.  This young man shows potential for further promotion and training in this field.”

“The APM staff was caring, thoughtful, considerate and most knowledgeable.  As an elder woman they make sure I was comfortable with the machines and exercises; asking me many times if I was alright. Actually they made the experience pleasant.”