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Pain Management Glen Burnie, Maryland

Our former Glen Burn Oak Manor site has merged with our Glen Burnie Quarterfield Rd. Location.

We welcome all of our Oak Manor patients!

Manage Your Pain Glen Burnie, MD

Glen Burnie, MD KureSmart Pain Management offers patients a range of services to manage their pain, especially back pain. Our team of highly experienced and trained therapists and doctors work with patients to build comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain. We offer minimally invasive pain abating procedures and pain management therapy.

Workers Comp Accepted Glen Burnie, MD

If you have been in a work accident and you are suffering from chronic pain, KureSmart Pain Management Glen Burnie, MD will accept your worker’s comp case. Even if you are still in dispute with your company Glen Burnie, MD KureSmart Pain Management will help you get back on your feet. We can help you manage your pain and recover from your injury so that you can resume your daily life. Our doctors will help develop a treatment plan to help you manage your pain.

Dry Needling Therapy Glen Burnie, MD

KureSmart Pain Management in Glen Burnie offers dry needling as a holistic approach to pain management. Dry needling can be used in combination with physical therapy to help relieve pain. With the use of long thin needles, your physical therapist can reset the muscle to redirect and encourage proper muscle contraction. Dry needling is especially effective for spinal pain patients but may be used for other chronic pain disorders. Ask your KureSmart Pain doctor how dry needling can play a part in your pain management treatment plan.


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