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Post Laminectomy Syndrome Maryland

Post Laminectomy Syndrome TreatmentEvery year, many spine surgeries and procedures are performed in the United States to reduce or eliminate back pain and other symptoms. Unfortunately, not every surgery or procedure is successful. If the surgery or procedure fails to accomplish the desired results by you and your physician and you continue to suffer from back pain, this is referred to as Post Laminectomy Syndrome, also known as failed back syndrome. Any pain that is persistent after a laminectomy, spinal fusion, discectomy, or surgical procedure will fall into this category.

Post laminectomy syndrome can occur in the lumbar, thoracic, or cervical region of the back. Each region will have their own symptoms which will help us pinpoint the cause of your pain. The pain can either be muscular or nerve related. Muscular pain may involve aching, cramping, and soreness around the site of the surgery. This is rarer than nerve related pain which will involve shooting pain, tingling, or weakness in the area impacted by the spine surgery.

Post Laminectomy Syndrome Causes

There are many causes for the pain experienced after a spine surgery or back procedure. Since post laminectomy syndrome is a catch-all phrase for pain experienced after spine surgery, there are many scenarios that can actually lead to person experiencing pain. A few of these causes include:

  • A formation and build-up of scar tissue that may surround the nerve roots causing chronic pain
  • Returning or new disc herniation and nerve root compression
  • Spinal or pelvic instability or hypermobility
  • Facet joint problems
  • Spinal nerve root is unable to recover from trauma despite surgery
  • Surgical complications
  • Incorrect beginning diagnosis

These are just a few of the reasons for failed back syndrome. Another obvious reason is a new problem may develop after one problem was corrected with surgery. Sometimes a person is suffering from depression, anxiety, sleep problems or tobacco addiction and that could be the cause. Other times the pain in your back may return post-surgery due to systemic reasons such diabetes, autoimmune disorder and other diseases.

Living with Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Living with post laminectomy syndrome can be miserable. Often, people resort to surgery expecting it to relieve them of their pain and become very disappointed and discourage when the pain is still present after. Living with chronic pain can cause a major disruption in your life making daily tasks difficult. Some may not be able to financially support themselves anymore due to the inability to work. The good news is those people have options. KureSmart Pain Management offers pain relief options and treatments for those suffering from failed back syndrome.

Treatment Planning

We are dedicated to working with you to find a treatment plan that will help you live pain-free. Because Post Laminectomy Syndrome often affects the patient’s social, vocational and psychological aspects, it is important to consider all available treatment options. We will perform a diagnostic consultation that will include a physical exam, learning about your medical history, and listening to all your symptoms. It is important that we understand the nature of the pain to identify the underlying cause of chronic pain and find an effective solution to eliminate or manage chronic pain. At KureSmart Pain Management, we specialize in treating pain with minimally invasive procedures, medication management, and physical therapy. If you think you are suffering pain from Post Laminectomy Syndrome, contact our physicians KureSmart Pain Management to schedule a consultation.

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