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Facet Joint Syndrome Maryland

Facet Joint SyndromeFacet joints in the back/neck (spine) can cause pain from inflammation or degeneration of the joints. The facet joints both allow and limit rotation in the backbone (spine), ensuring that the bones (vertebrae) do not slip out of position. Facet joint syndrome can lead to lower back pain(lumbar spine), buttocks, and thighs. It may also cause blocked or pinched nerves, with pain radiating to many other parts of the body.

KureSmart Pain Management offers many treatment options for facet joint syndrome, including many minimally invasive procedures and injections. Our physicians will work with you to develop the best treatments to relieve your pain from facet joint syndrome. With pain relief, our patients are able to continue their active lifestyle. To address facet joint syndrome, contact KureSmart Pain Management and schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained physicians.

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