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Disc Displacement Maryland

Disc displacementDisc displacement occurs when a disc has fallen out of its alignment in the backbone (spine). A spinal disc provides cushioning from daily activity while keeping the bones (vertebrae) separated. When a disc becomes displaced, it is no longer able to function in the spine and daily tasks can become painful from lack of cushioning. Most frequently, disc displacement occurs in the lower back (lumbar spine), leading to chronic back pain. Disc displacement is a serious condition, and if you suffer from chronic pain that stems from it, you need to consult a doctor for a specific treatment plan.

Our physicians at KureSmart Pain Management provide specific treatment plans for disc displacement. We specialize in treating back pain caused by many vertebral conditions. Our focus on minimally invasive procedures allow our patients to continue with their daily routines, bringing them back to the productivity they experienced before their chronic pain. You can take the next step in treating your disc displacement by contacting KureSmart Pain Management today and schedule a consultation.

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