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Back Pain South Lyon, MI

Back pain is an extremely common issue among adults especially age 35-55 years of age, but can affect people of all ages. It’s so common that most people will experience some sort of back pain in their lifetime. KureSmart Pain Management in South Lyon, MI offers patients a range of treatments to manage this. Treatments include minimally invasive pain abating procedures and pain management therapy. Our team of highly experienced and trained therapists and doctors work with patients to build comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to relieve the symptoms of chronic back pain. The back pain treatment we may use is dependent on the person, the cause of the pain, and the location of the pain.

Location of Back Pain

Lower Back Pain – Your lower back does a lot work for your body. This is where your spine connects to your pelvis and is typically made up of 5 vertebrae. This part of your back does a lot of lifting, experiencing a lot of movement and strain. This leaves many people prone to injuries. The common cause of lower back pain is muscle strain from pushing or pulling or carrying heavy loads improperly. Causes for lower back pain may include a pinched nerve, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and spondylolisthesis, where one vertebra slides over another. Rare cases of lower back pain may be caused by bacterial infections or tumors.

Middle and Upper Back Pain – Upper and middle back (called the thoracic spine) pain is pain that is localized below the neck and above the bottom of the rib cage. Upper back pain is not as common as lower back pain but the symptoms are similar which includes dull pain, stiff muscles, and pain that is worse at night. Upper back pain can also include pain that radiates across shoulder blades and headaches. The most common cause for upper back pain is muscle strain or arthritis. It can also be caused by poor posture, obesity, fall or injury, herniated disc, aging, or fractures.

Pain in Spine – Pain in the spine refers to a widespread area, with pain manifesting itself in the back. Pain in the spine can be isolated to one of the following regions, or present in several or all of them: Cervical (neck region), Thoracic (middle back), Lumbar (lower back), Sacral (hip/pelvic area).

Causes of Back Pain

The bone located in your back is called the spine which is comprised of 26 stacked bones (vertebrae). The vertebrae are held together by muscles and ligaments. The most common cause of back pain is a strain to those muscles or ligaments. Years of bad habits and posture, lack of exercise, and improper lifting can cause strain to those muscles and ligaments. Being obese or even just over weight will increase your chances of straining those muscles and ligaments as well. Back pain can also be a result of a more-serious injury, accident, or even a disease.

Back Pain Treatment

The pain specialists at our chronic pain relief centers can help you with your back pain. In order to treat your back pain, they will need to pin-point the cause of your back pain. Our back pain specialists at KureSmart Pain Management in South Lyon, MI will perform a thorough examination on the patient in order to determine what is causing the pain. After that, we will create a personalized treatment plan to help the patient find some relief. Your treatment may include:

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