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Back Pain Fort Washington, MD

The spine, located in your back, is made up of a pillar of bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae are held together by muscles and ligaments. The most common cause of back pain is a strain to those muscles or ligaments. Back pain is usually not a medical emergency. But if your symptoms are persistent and they are coupled with other bodily changes, fever, swelling, heat or redness, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a back pain specialist at KureSmart Pain Management in Fort Washington, MD. Common conditions we see that cause back pain are herniated discs, spinal stenosis, disc displacement, and degenerative disc disease.

Types of back pain

Upper and Middle Back Pain – Upper and middle back (called the thoracic spine) pain is pain that is localized below the neck and above the bottom of the rib cage. It is not as common as lower back pain. Upper and middle pain can be caused by many things including but not limited to: poor posture, obesity, muscle strain, fall or injury, herniated disc, Osteoarthritis, aging, and fractures. In order to treat your upper and middle back pain (mid-back pain), our Fort Washington, MD back pain specialists will need to pin-point the cause of your back pain. Common symptoms of upper and middle back pain are a dull, burning, or sharp pain and muscle tightness or stiffness.

Lower Back Pain – Lower back pain is a very widespread and very hard to diagnose and therefore, treat. Everyone has most likely experience lower back pain at some point in their life. It can be a pain that comes on gradually or one that is sharp and sudden below the waist. The common cause of lower back pain is muscle strain from pushing or pulling or carrying heavy loads improperly. Other causes for lower back pain may include a pinched nerve, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and spondylolisthesis, where one vertebra slides over another. Common symptoms of lower back pain include:

  • Pain that is dull in the lower back
  • Stinging or burning pain that moves from lower back to back of your thighs
  • Muscle spasms and tightness in lower back, pelvis, and hips
  • Pain that gets worse when sitting or standing too long
  • Difficulty standing up-right, walking or going from standing to sitting

Pain in Spine – Pain in the spine can be isolated to one of the following regions, or present in several or all of them: Cervical (neck region), Thoracic (middle back), Lumbar (lower back), Sacral (hip/pelvic area). As with all back pain, pain in the spine can only be treated when the cause of the pain is discovered. The back pain specialists at KureSmart Pain Management in Fort Washington, MD are here to help you locate the cause and treat your pain in the spine.

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatments offered at KureSmart Pain Management in Fort Washington, MD include:

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