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How to Treat Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Chronic headaches and migraines affect millions of people, and headaches are specific to each individual, which makes them even harder to treat. Because everyone is different, KureSmart Pain Management takes a different, multidisciplinary treatment approach to each patient’s situation. Our physical therapy team is certified in headache management and will work to relieve pain and prevent the headaches from continuing, and teach you how to manage migraines.

Headache and Migraine Causes

Migraines and headaches are commonly misdiagnosed or not taken seriously. The pain can come from many different places, including tissues in the cervical spine. Tissue dysfunction in the neck can manifest itself as TMJ or jaw pain, vision or auditory sensitivity, facial pain, or sinus problems. We will perform a cervical spine evaluation to determine the source of your migraine symptoms and address issues at the source.

Chronic Headache and Migraine Symptoms

Everyone’s migraines or headaches are different, which is what makes them sometimes difficult to treat, but there are some common symptoms. Sensitivity to light, visual auras, nausea, or throbbing in the head are some of the most common symptoms.

Other patients may not experience head pain, but have symptoms in the neck such as soreness, stiffness, tension in the neck, ringing in the ears, blurry vision, watery eyes, or nasal symptoms not treated with antibiotics.

Treating Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Each patient is unique and there is no single approach we take to treating migraines and chronic headaches. First, we schedule a consultation to give us the opportunity to evaluate the cervical spine to determine if it is the cause. The goal of headache management is to reduce tension and inflammation in the involved tissues by restoring mobility, improving muscle balance and posture, and identifying activities that activate symptoms.

Headache and Migraine Treatment in Maryland

Migraines and chronic headaches don’t have to consume your life. Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our conveniently located locations across Maryland and Michigan. Our dedicated network of providers will help you find the solution that is right for you.

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