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How Can Physical Therapy Help My Chronic Pain?

Physical therapists help patients recover after surgery and help restore muscle function after injuries, but they can also help people dealing with chronic pain. Physical therapists are important members of a multidisciplinary treatment team to help in the rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention of chronic pain.

KureSmart Pain Management frequently utilizes physical therapists’ expertise to offer a holistic, patient-centered approach to managing chronic pain.

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Physical therapists are doctors who specialize in helping patients maintain and improve mobility and protect their muscles from injury. Some physical therapists work in hospitals, others have private practices, and some may even travel to assisted living facilities.

Physical therapy is often chosen to improve flexibility and keep muscles active after surgery or injury, as a physical therapist is an expert in how to keep muscles healthy.

Treatments to Manage Chronic Pain

KureSmart Pain Management physical therapists offer treatment for patients for injury recovery, improved mobility, and pre/post operative therapy.

The cause of your chronic pain can help determine the best treatment. If your pain comes from a sports injury such as tendonitis, runner’s knee, ACL/MCL sprains or tears, physical therapy is essential to restoring mobility and reducing pain.

Treatments for chronic pain usually include ways to improve muscle flexibility and reduce tightness, which often causes pain and reduced mobility. Combined with other treatments, KureSmart physical therapists can help relieve chronic pain to improve patients’ quality of life.

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