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The Future of Technology Summit 2018

KureSmart Pain Management executive president,  Dr. Kamran A. Saraf, M.D. is representing KureSmart Pain Management at The Future of Technology Summit 2018!

The Future of Technology Summit is a yearly global technology and startup conference focused on highlighting experts, innovators, and technologies that are making a difference all over the world. During the conference, companies will have to opportunity to discuss their business, showcasing their research and pitching new ideas. Participants can participate in networking opportunities to meet with keynote speakers, venture capitalists, investors, and mentors.

Dr. Kamran A. Saraf spoke at Future of Technology- BioTech. Dr. Kamran A. Saraf discusses some key points about nerve pain management and the future of Opiate crisis. Dr. Kamran A. Saraf is board certified and fellowship trained in pain management.

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