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KureSmart Pain Management Welcomes New Patients

Pain can be debilitating to the person that is suffering from it. Whether it is from a recent injury, surgery or even from a chronic condition, the professionals at KureSmart Pain Management in Maryland can help. However, many may actually put off seeking treatment due to the fear of the unknown. The truth is, the experience is not only positive but quite simple though. So, what should the client expect?

First Initial Contact

One of the first things that the client can expect is to provide some basic information. A few simple, to-the-point questions may be asked when scheduling the appointment. There are several locations in Maryland, Delaware & Michigan that can be chosen from, with convenient hours. The friendly and professional staff will make the appointment and discuss things that they may need to bring, including referral information if required by the insurance company. The receptionist will also guide the caller regarding additional forms that may be needed.

The Actual Appointment

The client will meet one-on-one with a KureSmart Pain Management professional to discuss his individual needs and preferences. More information will be requested, such as previous health history, family physician and any medications that may be taken. If the client has not done so already, he will be asked to complete a few forms before meeting with the physician and treatment team. After this step is completed, an evaluation will be completed. This evaluation is used in determining what services the client may best benefit from and to help develop a plan of care.

Payment Arrangements

The last step in the process is to secure payment arrangements. The staff at KureSmart Pain Management attempt to make this process as streamlined as possible by working with the insurance company. Therefore, the insurance claims are filed by KureSmart Pain Management and pre-authorization for services is obtained. Many times, the client will not have to do anything. However, if additional paperwork is needed, the staff can assist in obtaining this information.

Announcing Our New Location

Opening Thursday, August 16th 2018

10339 Southern Maryland Blvd, Suite 206
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